Why brown discharge appears earlier than and after period

If brown vaginal discharge occurs a week before period, it can be a manifestation of inflammation in the genitourinary organs. Also pathological discharge can be stimulated by hormonal difficulties, taking oral contraceptives, using an intrauterine device or ring, frequent stress, sharp changes in weight.

A competent doctor can determine the cause and nature of vaginal discharge, as well as select the appropriate treatment method (if necessary) after a series of clinical studies.

Mild brown discharge before menstruation with endometriosis

The presence of brown leucorrhea at the eve of period may be a manifestation of endometriosis of the uterus. In this case, vaginal discharge is accompanied by the following pathological symptoms:

Abdominal pain. Their intensity and severity depend on the severity of the disease. Pain in the pelvic region. Before the onset of period, they intensify and after the end, they weaken. Pelvic pain is not pronounced in the interval between periods. Changing the color of the release. In endometriosis, they may be black, mild or dark brown.

  • The consequences of abortion, trauma and surgery in the uterus can encourage the appearance of endometriosis. Brown leucorrhoea with endometritis is observed via the following symptoms:
  • Fetid odor bleeding menstruation;
  • Constant ache inside the lower abdomen, radiating to the sacrum or lower returned;
  • Extended sweating;
  • Connection and growth of the uterus that is decided by means of gynecological exam;
  • Apathetic mood;
  • Lack of strength (in particular at the start of menstruation).
  • Each other motive for the occurrence of smelly brown discharge is genital infections (gonorrhea, Chlamydia, genital warts, and so on.) and pelvic inflammatory procedures.

Brown leucorrhea before menses in tumor neoplasms

Premenstrual brown discharge can lead to endometrial hyperplasia. This pathology is aggravated after severe psycho-emotional shock as a result of physical activity and hormonal disorders. brown discharge with hyperplasia, with irregular menstrual function, odorous leucorrhea occurs in the middle of the cycle and pelvic pain.

Pathology of tumor nature, which is manifested by premenstrual brown discharge, is uterine fibroids. Malignant neoplasm of the reproductive organs causes black and dark brown vaginal discharge.

Can brown discharge before period be a signal of pregnancy? Leucorrhea begins to take on a brownish color.

Brown discharge is a symptom of implantation bleeding that occurs 12 days after conception when the egg attaches to the uterus. Fetal activity encourages mucus to increase in volume; it becomes creamy and may have a yellow or light brown color.

Implantation bleeding occurs on days of expected menstruation, which is why many women confuse them. But the difference between them is significant. The embryo is placed in the uterus, if fertilization occurs; there is a slight discharge of a light shade. And when vaginal discharge is the same as menstrual bleeding, you should see a doctor. The presence of such leucorrhea can be a sign of threatened miscarriage, improper attachment of the fetus, frozen or ectopic pregnancy and other pathologies of pregnancy.

What to do when menstrual discharge appears

If brown leucorrhea occurs a few days before menstruation and turns into full bleeding, then this phenomenon does not require special therapy. If there is a discharge with a bad smell or painful sensation – consult a gynecologist.

Before choosing treatment, the doctor prescribes a comprehensive examination, which will determine the cause and nature of vaginal discharge. Studying the obtained results, the gynecologist will broaden the remedy activity. For the treatment of infectious ailments, antimicrobial pills are prescribed (answers for douching, vaginal ointments, suppositories). 

Irritation of the genitourinary organs is treated with anti inflammatory tablets and suppositories. To repair reproductive characteristic, hormones are prescribed. Inactivity in such cases is dangerous by the development of infertility, tumor formation and subsequent removal of affected organs. Early diagnosis allows early detection of the disease and appropriate measures can be taken.

Vaginal discharge is normal in all women. Often this is not a cause for concern. But there are some situations that should worry you, such as brown discharge before your period. This phenomenon may indicate a defect in the body. Menstruation is the problem of menstrual vaginal bleeding… Their frequency depends on the woman’s cycle. Normally, menstruation occurs once every 28 days, plus or minus 3-4 days later.

In addition to menstrual flow, a woman may have others. A secretion is regularly produced in the female genital tract. If the body is healthy, the discharge is mucus, odorless and clear in its form. But they also change throughout the menstrual cycle. For example, during ovulation, after the maturation of the egg, the secretions become thicker and more viscous; they are also compared to egg whites.

In some cases, a woman has brown discharge a week before her period. Such a symptom can be completely harmless, but in some cases it can indicate a problem in the body, when an urgent visit to a gynecologist is required.

Causes of brown discharge after menstruation

Reasons for a brown discharge after your period could encompass lingering menstrual blood, ovulation, vaginal penetration, or maybe implantation bleeding. Brown discharge can also imply a contamination or different hassle.

In a few instances, brown discharge after your duration is herbal. But if you’re having a ordinary brown discharge or different signs and symptoms, talk together with your physician.

Brown discharge earlier than a period is usually innocent, and there are many feasible reasons for it. Every now and then, it may indicate being pregnant or perimenopause. Much less normally, it may be a signal of an underlying health circumstance. Brown discharge before a length is normally a vaginal discharge that carries blood.

Following your duration, brown discharge is in maximum cases truly blood that has taken a little longer to be expelled. In case you’re spotting among intervals, blood may additionally mix along with your typical white vaginal discharge, ensuing in a brown, thick, rubber-like consistency. All of that is absolutely everyday and high-quality.

Brown Discharge is commonly brown because of old blood leaving the frame, which can be an early symptom of pregnancy. Brown discharge for the duration of pregnancy is not usually a purpose for concern. However, pregnant women who revel in darkish brown discharge have to contact their health practitioner.

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